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These are recordings from session percussionist, Jamie Papish that span his entire career. On most of these recordings, he is the main drummer and percussionist laying down all the basic tracks as well as most of the overdubs. Instruments he played include: Doumbek, Darbuka, Daf, Riq, Hybrid Drumkit, Frame Drums, Bendir, Udu, Tappan, Davul, Tombak, Cajon, Djembe, Conga, Bongos as well as a variety of shakers, cymbals, bells, claps, Moroccan castanets and chimes.

Words and Sound (Great Spirit) – The Chants

Words and Sound (Great Spirit) by The Chants This is our foray into Conscious Hip Hop combined with our signature ...
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Maya Sey – The Chants

Maya Sey by The Chants This is the 3rd single by The Chants  (a original composition by Jamie Papish & ...
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Adama – The Chants

Adama by The Chants This is the second single by The Chants….a new arrangement of a song that many artists ...
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Hey Ya-The Chants

Hey Ya by The Chants The debut single from The Chants written by Jamie Papish & Kevin Fraser featuring Uyanga ...
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Breaking All The Rules – Peter Kfoury

Whether you’re a fan of jazz, blues, funk or world music, you’ll love this album! It’s a beautiful fusion of ...
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Begin Majesty – The Chloe Pourmorady Ensemble

Unapologetically creative and unafraid of fusion, Chloe Pourmorady is a master of juxtaposition. With pieces that are as grand as ...
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Heaven on Earth:Songs of the Soul-Nashuva Band

The first release by the Nashuva Band produced by legendary producer Don Was includes some originals and covers arranged by ...
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Excuse My Accent-Raw Chili

Singer, Songwriter Gustavo Biermann is a Chilean born US citizen who writes music about his experience as a stranger in ...
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Unity of the Heart-The Yuval Ron Ensemble

Led by award winning composer, record producer, writer and peace activist, Yuval Ron, the interfaith Yuval Ron Ensemble unites East ...
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My Heart is Pierced-Mahadev

With the familiar yet exotic Indian slide guitar; haunting African Blues, Qaawali and jazz-funk infused Tibetan Mantra; a mystic Van ...
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At the Heart of Two Worlds-Peter Kfoury

Peter is 2nd generation Lebanese who grew up with Middle Eastern and American musical generic levitra This is caused due ...
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Shine Like a Lantern – Kirk Mann

I had the opportunity to add some percussion on some of these tracks. I even played a drum kit on ...
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