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 310-463-1956 or Email to find out how he can add his percussion and hand drumming to your project or tour

Jamie Papish is a Los Angeles multi percussionist as well as a session musician and teacher of percussion and hand drumming, who has 20 years of touring experience and continues to tour nationally and internationally.

Seasoned Touring Professional

Jamie is a seasoned multi percussionist who has toured across the US and internationally to Morocco, Israel, Turkey, Spain, Cuba, India, Poland and Mexico. His 22 years of experience on the road has taught him many invaluable touring skills. Jamie is a true professional and lends a hand whenever possible to help a tour run smoothly. He is available for Los Angeles concerts, national and international tours, parties, sacred and multi-cultural events, yoga and dance classes, as a musician/actor for TV & Film, recording sessions and special events.  In addition, he subcontracts out other musicians provides sound.  Call or email him to discuss your musical project or event.

Experienced Studio Musician

Jamie has recorded on hundreds of tracks and cues and always comes to the studio prepared with his multitude of percussion instruments. He is available to record at your studio or from his home pro tools studio.  This gives him the ability to work with clients from around the world. When recording from his home studio, Jamie has access to the full scope of his collection of percussion and hand drum instruments and sounds.  Call or email him to discuss your recording needs.

Percussion and Hand Drum Teacher 

Jamie has 20 years experience teaching hand drums, percussion and rhythmic concepts to students from ages 7 – 70.  He is a very patient teacher who works with beginners to the most demanding student. He is available for private or group classes and workshops.  Whether it is general rhythmic concepts (timing, groove, musicality, dynamics, odd meters), specific techniques on  (Doumbek, Darabuka, Riq, Frame Drum, Daf, Tombak, Udu, Cajon, Djembe), or just to have fun, Jamie designs his class to fit your needs. Jamie is available for parties, family gatherings and corporate drum circles where he brings drums for all the participants.  Call or email him to find out how he can help you become a better percussionist or hand drummer or create a fun party.

Music Producer/Band Leader

Jamie can co-produce concerts, events and owns and operates a sound system for parties and small concerts. Based on your musical desires, he can put together top musicians and produce the music and all sound aspects of small or large events.

Jamie’s Backstory

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