Adama – The Chants

This is the second single by The Chants….a new arrangement of a song that many artists recorded from a indigenous song with an unknown composer. The first version I saw was on Youtube under Strong Wind, Deep Water.

It became very popular in Israel when a Composer Shimon Lev Tahor recorded it with Hebrew lyrics and called it Adama V’shamaim

The Chants are:
Jamie Papish – Percussion, Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Fraser – Vocals, Percussion
Dawn Marie Yurkovic – Vocals, Percussion
Renette Jobst – Vocals Percussion

Additional Musicians
Steve Rushingwind – Native American Flutes
Chloe Pourmorady – Vocals, Violin
Rick Moors – Bass

Hassan Pourahmad Sonic Creation – Recording & Initial Mix
Henrik Jakobsson – Final Mix & Master, Bass Programming

Artwork: Fulton Hobbs