Breaking All The Rules – Peter Kfoury

Whether you’re a fan of jazz, blues, funk or world music, you’ll love this album! It’s a beautiful fusion of cultures, styles and virtuoso performances. Recorded in South Carolina, California, Cuba and Argentina, this music brings the world together.


Peter Kfoury – Composer and Oud
Jamie Papish – Percussion (All Tracks except Said’s Dream and Winter Falls)
Chloe Pourmorady – Vocals (Cleopatra, Funky Dearborne & Pilgrimage)
David Suarez Merlin – Tenor Sax (Funky Dearborne & Chucktown Turnaround)
Julito Padron – Trumpet (Funky Dearborne & Chucktown Turnaround)
Jonathan Lovett – Bass (Funky Dearborne, Farid Sanchez, Said’s Dream, Storm Sugre & Chucktown Turnaround)
Mark Rapp – Digeridoo (Dream Walkers)
Heather Rice – Vocals, Co-Composer (Winter Falls)
Abdiel Iriarte – Keyboards (Farid Sanchez, Rose Petal Heart & Checking in with Bob)
Peter Cortese – Percussion (Said’s Dream)
Gino Castillo – Sound Engineer & Shakers (Said’s Dream)
William Roblejo – Violin (Rose Petal Heart)

About Peter

Peter Kfoury is a Lebanese-American who grew up listening to Middle Eastern music. While in his teens he started playing the oud, the direct ancestor of the lute and the principle instrument in all of the countries and cultures of the Middle East. Over time, he has played not only the traditional Arabic music, but has used all of the influences of the American melting pot to develop a unique style that fuses Middle Eastern with jazz, pop and even funk! He presents a varied program with beautiful songs, original material and classics in a melodic and percussive style.

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