My Heart is Pierced-Mahadev

With the familiar yet exotic Indian slide guitar; haunting African Blues, Qaawali and jazz-funk infused Tibetan Mantra; a mystic Van Morrison song with Indian instruments, and nods to Radiohead, Balkan music and Buena Vista Social Club, My Heart Is Pierced, the second album by Mahadev, breaks the barriers between West and East. produced by Dave Cipriani with Clinton Patterson all compositions by Dave Cipriani except Sweet Thing by Van Morrison, © 1968 Warner/Chappell Music, Inc. arrangement on Afropilu, Before She Dies & Sweet Thing by Dave Cipriani horn arrangement on Before She Dies by Clinton Patterson & Vikram Devasthali Mahadev is: Dave Cipriani – 7-string classical guitar, Indian Slide Guitar & vocals Mike Mull: Tenor & Alto saxophone, Bb and Bass clarinets Dave Tranchina: Upright Bass Christopher Payne: Cajon, Congas, Drum Set, Shakers, Pots & Pans, Bells, Gong, Bongos Jamie Papish: Riq, Daf, Buzz Bendir, Triangle, Shakers, Quarkabeb Greg Zilboorg: Trumpet on Sweet Thing, Afropilu & Burning Sword. Leonice Shinneman: Tabla on Sweet Thing, Calabash on Boatman Indradeep Ghosh: – Violin D’amore on Sweet Thing Neelamjit Dhillon – Tabla on Burning Sword, Alto Saxophone on Afropilu Robin Sukhadia – Tabla on Afropilu Chris Votek – Cello on Sweet Thing, Burning Sword Clinton Patterson – Trumpet on Before She Dies Vikram Devasthali- Trombone on Before She Dies Tahir Faridi Qawwal – vocal solo on Burning Sword Tracks 3 ,5-8 recorded by Chris Votek at Echo Manor, Los Angeles Tracks 1,2,4 recorded by Andrew Murdock and Jarrod Keith at Hobby Shop Studio West, Los Angeles extra recording on 2, 5,7,8 done by Clinton Patterson in Los Angeles all tracks mixed by Andrew Murdock at Hobby Shop Studio West, Los Angeles mastered by David Schultz, D2 Mastering, Los Angeles