Unity of the Heart-The Yuval Ron Ensemble

Led by award winning composer, record producer, writer and peace activist, Yuval Ron, the interfaith Yuval Ron Ensemble unites East and West, Hebrew and Arabic, tradition and innovation. An exhilarating musical journey full of joy, hope and deep spirituality, celebrating the underlying unity, shared by all people, regardless of their nationality, race, religion and culture.

Yuval Ron Ensemble:
Najwa Gibran – Arabic Vocals
Elinor Sitrish – Hebrew Vocals
Maya Haddi – Ladino vocals (track 5)
Norik Manoukian – duduk, clarinet, shvi flute
Virginie Alimian – kanun
David Martinelli – riqq, tin can
Justin Stein – electric and acoustic bass
Reinchez Ng – electric guitar
Yuval Ron – oud, cumbus, sinter bass, harmonium, back up vocals
Jamie Papish – dumbak, tombak, daf, bendir, dhol, tin can, cajon, karkabas,
bongos, drum set

Guests artists:
Adam Del Monte – Flamenco guitar (track 9)
Annie Lieberman – Spanish and English vocals (track 8)
Wing Nok Cheung – Organ: (tracks 8, 10)
The YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus (tracks 8, 10)
Artistic Director: Micah Hendler
Conducted by Joshua Rosenberg
Recorded by Yair Seri

Musical Arrangements: Yuval Ron
Sound editing: Eiji Jon Mitsuta, Reinchez Ng, Wing Nok Cheung
Recorded ad mixed at YRM Studios, Los Angeles
Hebrew Calligraphy: Elinor Sitrish
Arabic Calligraphy: Marum Tannus
Cover Design: Stacey Clark of Note Pad

See more about the Yuval Ron and the Yuval Ron Ensemble https://yuvalronmusic.com/