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Dedication, Passion and a Commitment to Excellence have made Jamie well respected in World Music Circles

For a Seasoned World Music Hand Drummer and Percussionist

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Jamie Papish is a LA based performing world music hand drummer and percussionist. He specializes in a variety of world & sacred music  and percussion styles ranging from Middle Eastern, Turkish, Persian, Israeli (Sephardic, Yemenite & Ashkenazi), Armenian, Balkan and Kirtan. Jamie persues these styles out of his love of music from around the world  and the fusion of styles that is currently exploding. As a native New Yorker, Jamie grew up listening to Rock, Pop, R&B, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Latin, Jazz & Fusion, which continues to heavily influenced his playing.

Jamie is known to have many drums on stage to create a variety of sounds.  He uses foot bells/tambourines and foot shakers to add texture and movement to his sound.  Jamie has played and recorded with many world and sacred music groups, orchestra’s and top musicians and composers including the Krono’s Quartet, the Yuval Ron Ensemble and the Chloe Pourmorady Ensemble to name a few. Click here to view the bands he has played or is currently performing with and  listen to Jamie’s playing over the past 20 years.

Furthermore, Jamie Papish is a Los Angeles percussion and drum teacher who gives drumming and percussion lessons to individuals and groups.

World Music Hand Drummer Jamie Papish playing the Daf-Persian Frame Drum with Rings

Jamie Playing the Daf with the Chloe Pourmorady Ensemble

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