Los Angeles Percussion and Drum Teacher


If you’re looking for a Los Angeles percussion and drum teacher for local classes, privates or online classes,  click here to contact Jamie.

Jamie Papish, a well-respected Los Angeles percussion and drum teacher, has been teaching many different facets of drumming and giving general percussion lessons and ethnic drum lessons to individuals and groups since 2005. He also leads percussion ensembles for community performances and has taught and demonstrated his expertise to many young children in schools across the country.  He is a patient teacher who strives to have his students improve their skills from lesson to lesson.

Classes currently offered:

1. Drumming for Healing Classes/Workshops/Concerts

Drumming and chanting is the most ancient form of music practiced by indigenous peoples all over the world for healing rituals and to connect members of the tribe. In this series of classes, Jamie will guide you through a series of simple rhythm and vocalization practices designed to connect you to your voice and your rhythm. Through repetition, you will start to let go of your critical/judgemental mind and allow for your true self expression to flow. Over time and with practice, you will embody the experience of drumming while vocalizing and benefit physically, emotionally & spiritually. No prior experience in drumming or vocalization required. Bring your own drum or one will be provided. We will be using drums that rest on the floor between your legs to free up both hands.


2. Unleash Your Rhythmic Potential
– Connect with the drum in a new way and enhance your life. You will learn techniques for developing your rhythmic coordination to be able to play simple and more complex rhythms with ease. No experience is required and any hand drum will do. Private and Group Classes available.


3. Beginning and Intermediate Doumbek and Darbuka (Middle Eastern Goblet Drum) for groups and individuals                                              



4. Beginning and Intermediate Riq (Arabic Tambourine) for groups and individuals



5. Beginning and Intermediate Daf (Persian Frame Drum) for groups and individuals                                                                                



6. Beginning and Intermediate Frame Drum, Udu Drum, Cajon, Djembe, Shakers & other small percussion



7. Drum circles for corporate events, parties and rituals 


8. Percussion Ensemble for intermediate level drummers