Jamie Papish - World Music Percussionist

Seeker of Truth-The Yuval Ron Ensemble

Recorded live at the World Festival of Sacred Music 2008, The Yuval Ron Ensemble performs the ecstatic music of the mystical Sufi traditions of the Middle East and Pakistan. The concert features the magnificent vocals of Najwa Gibran —acknowledged as one of the finest female Arabic singers living in the West—and special guest Sukhawat Ali Khan, a master qawwali (devotional) singer from Pakistan. A pioneering endeavor in bringing together the Middle Eastern and South Asian vocal and musical traditions into a new exhilarating trance-induced accord. Musicians: Yuval Ron-Oud & Vocals, Najwa Gibran-Vocals, Yegish Manukian-Duduk & Clarinet, Sukhawat Ali Kahn-Vocals & Harmonium, Jamie Papish-Percussion
David Martinelli-Percussion,Virgine Alumnyan-Kanun,Norik Manukian-Shvi(Armenian Shepard’s Flute Overdubs) Smadar Levi-Vocal Overdubs,Noor-Vocal Overdubs,Maya Haddi-Vocal Overdubs

Check out Yuval Ron at https://yuvalronmusic.com/

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