Jamie Papish - World Music Percussionist

Promise to Freedom – Heyraneh

Heyraneh’s unique style draws from ancient sacred melodies of people of Iran with mystic poetry of the region. Every song is focused on the root intention of Sufi thought, Yar – the Bevoled. Dynamic, ecstatic, spacious & transcendental this album is an adventure whose destination is the same, whether listening in the car, on your yoga mat or at home. Heyraneh sings and performs
on Tanbur, a 3 stringed lute. Special guest Techung lends his Tibetan style to the title song “Promise to Freedom”.
Heyraneh- music, voice & tanbur.
Jamie Papish- percussion.
Norik Manukian- duduk.
Jon Ossman- dilrouba auto-harp & bass.
Stevin McNamara- tanpura.
Guests, Techung, Kourosh Moradi
and Michel Tyabji.
Recorded at Limitless Sky, Hollywood
Mixed & Mastered by Stevin McNamara
Produced by Michel & Rosa C. Tyabji

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