Jamie Papish - World Music Percussionist

Under the Olive Tree-The Yuval Ron Ensemble

As the Middle East remains a region saturated with conflict and hatred The Yuval Ron Ensemble is releasing an unusual CD uniting the sacred music of the three religions of the Middle East. Since their stirring presentation at the World Festival of Sacred Music in LA last September, the ensemble focused on re-creating the live concert experience in the recording studio environment. In this long awaited premier CD the group brings together the sacred musical traditions of Judaism, Sufism (Islamic mystical tradition) and the Christian Armenian Church into an extraordinary harmonious world of its own. A Song of Sufi origin from Turkey is sung both in Arabic and Hebrew, a Jewish prayer from Morocco is introduced by an Armenian chant and a Yemenite Jewish prayer receives a gripping clarinet solo in the best tradition of the Armenian performance style. Arranged by composer and world-music record producer Yuval Ron these tracks are all about emotion and passion. It is soulful mystical music that touches upon the ancient and deep inter-cultural connection the three sacred traditions share.
The multi-ethnic ensemble features the great Middle Eastern singer Najwa Gibran (recently appeared on the soundtrack of Helen of Troy) and Armenian woodwind master Norik Manoukian (featured duduk player on Dead Man Walking soundtrack).

The Yuval Ron Ensemble:
Najwa Gibran – voice, Maya Haddi – voice, Norik Manoukian – duduk, zurna, shvi (flute) and clarinet Virginie Alumyan – kanoun, Jamie Papish – percussion, David Martinelli – percussion,
Carolyne Aycaguer-Ron – keyboards, Yuval Ron – oud, saz and musical director

Check out Yuval Ron Music https://yuvalronmusic.com/

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