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World Music Session Musician Jamie Papish has recorded with numerous world music ensembles and composers for film, TV and Video Games. Here are some additional links of his recordings.

Yuval Ron

Jamie Played Riq, Doumbek and Frame Drum on Yuval Ron’s soundtrack for this Oscar winning short film “West Bank Story”

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=8sFVvFQczjo width=640 height=480 anchor=]




This is a piece Jamie recorded with T.J. Troy-Multi-Percussionist who composed this for a Middle Eastern Orchestra called MESTO led by Dr. Nabil Azzam. T.J. Troy played Frame Drums, Jamie played Frame Drums and Doumbek and David Martinelli of the Yuval Ron Ensemble played Riq (Arabic Tambourine). The Engineer was  Scott Frazer.


[player id=2094]


Vanya Greene

This is a track Jamie did for a singer Vanya. He is playing all the percussion with Naser Musa on Oud and Paul Livingstone on Sitar. The Engineer turned the rhythm around at one point. Not sure if this was done on purpose.

Las Tres Clavinas 

[player id=2095]


iSTWest Ensemble

These are tracks Jamie played on that were composed or arranged by  Nyofu Tyson for a EP Demo and performed by the iSTWest Ensemble. Nyofu Tyson-Turkish Baglama (Long Neck Lute) and Vocals; Cristo Osorio-Vocals and Palmas; Bobby Solokov-Flamenco Guitar; Evren Edler-Bass; Jamie Papish-Doumbek, Riq, Cajon; Fernando Diez-Bongos, Cajon, Palmas


[player id=2099]


[player id=2100]

Ciudad de mi Alma 

[player id=2101]

Yeni Anladim 

[player id=2103]



Jamie did this track  for Aykanna for their CD “Mantra Mala”. He play Riq and Doumbek. His drumming enters at approx. 3:00 into the tune.

Be The Light 

[player id=2096]

Gilad Barakan

This is a track Jamie did for Gilad Barakan for his upcoming CD. He played Doumbek  and Riq. Hagai Israeli played Trumpet and Gilad Barakan played Guitars & Bass

Tahrir Square 

[player id=2098]


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