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Jamie Papish has been a valuable member of many music ensembles in Los Angeles and around the world.

[spoiler title=”What Band Leaders, Composers and Musicians have said about Jamie Papish:“]Aside from being a trustworthy guy & the most dependable
Musician I’ve yet to meet, Jamie strives at opening to new
rhythms & cultures, pushing himself to a higher level of
Musicianship while serving the greater community. He works hard
and his dedication is unmatched. On top of all that, he is a
pleasure to work with and his grooves move people to joyful

Stefani Valadez, Bandleader of the Stefani Valadez Ensemble http://www.stefanivaladezmusic.com/


Jamie Papish is a pleasure to work with. His commitment, hard work and good heart is in everything that he does on stage and beyond it. His versatility and long list of hand percussion instruments he brings have been one of the important elements of the Yuval Ron Ensemble musical arrangements since 2001. I love his sound on the dumbek and udu and his energetic performances in each of our shows which have presented all over the US and internationally.

Yuval Ron



Passionate, professional and committed to high performance standards, during the 10+ years I’ve been playing with Jamie he has continued to improve and grow as a musician. First class!

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Nyofu Tyson, Bandleader iSTWest Ensemble (aka TurkFlamenco)

I want to thank you all for sharing your amazing gifts at my release party. I am so grateful for your support. Thank you for making this such a special night. Let’s do it again…soon!!
Love, Donna De Lory



Dear Angel, Valecia, Mader & Jamie,

Thank you all so much for a great run at Ballona Freshwater Marsh.  I am deeply appreciative of your spirit and musicianship.  What a pleasure to work with each of you. I have received so many wonderful comments about the performance.  I hope you have as well.  You should feel very proud.  You performed beautifully.  Thank you all so much for taking on this crazy, unique and (hopefully) rewarding project.

I look forward to the chance to perform with you all again soon.

Best regards,

Bob Een Composer , Cello Player & Vocalist


Thanks, guys, for being amazing musicians, collaborators, & people.
I thoroughly enjoyed our sweet set on Thurs. and hope we get to do more together.
Ariella Forstein

Singer and Percussionist, Music and Life Coach http://ariellaapproach.com/


dear JAIMIE – Oh my G-d i’m so sorry – i got your name wrong the whole time.. was a little nervous.. just want to thank you so much, you played excellently…. and next time it will be even better… send me your address so i can send you a few cd’s,.. all the best, and you are a beautiful musician and person,

best, basya



Thanks Jamie for adding your wonderful musical touches and incredibly nice presence to the evening at Orrin’s!! It was really great to have you with us, as always!

Lots of love,

Suzanne Teng, World Renowned Flautist http://www.suzanneteng.com/




thanks for your wonderful playing on Friday night–it was one of the most musical Shabbatot that we have ever had, due in large part to your amazing talent and musicality. you guys are a treasure–thanks so much!!

Mike Stein, Cantor and Musician


Hi Hagai and Jamie,

 Here’s ‘Tahrir Square‘, you guys did a brilliant job on the track! I’m working on new material, hopefully we can record again sometime soon, and more important play a show!

Thanks again,

Gilad Barakan Composer and Guitarist



So last Friday, I had a meeting with the client and they let me know they really like the tracks. So thank you sir! Hopefully, I’ll get the gig and we can do some more full pay work on it. I enjoyed working with you!

Jack Wall

Composer http://jackwall.net/


hey Jamie, just wanted to drop you a line & say it was great meeting you & playing with you last weekend. You’re such a deep & soulful player, and always present with what’s happening in the moment. Also, thanks for taking me backstage to meet Norik; I was really inspired by his playing & approach, and it was nice to be able to tell him so.

take care

peter jaques clarinetist & trumpeter : huzzam.com


hi jamie,

first I want to thank you for doing a great job on the video clip you played great and looked good and that is exactly what I was looking for. I dont mind you posting the clip on your site BUT the song is under a contract with a record label so if they will tell me I need to take it down (which I dont think will happen) then you will have to take it down. Go a head and post it and I will appreciate it if you will write that the song was written by Maya Haddi (www.mayamusic.com) and Gilat Segal. may we play together on many many many projects to come Have a great day,


Singer and Composer


Hey Jamie,

It was great to play music with you on Sat. night.  Thanks for coming down to have a play. You have a great feel and I enjoyed having those tones in Donna’s music. All the best mate and I hope to play more music with you in the future.

Happy Holidays!!

Dave Allen, Drummer/Percussionist


Thanks Jamie,

I really appreciated your artistry and blessings you brought the evening. I look forward to the opportunity to work together soon. Peace and Blessings, Jami Lula



Dear Jamie,

I just spoke with Yuval today and asked him to give you my regards. It was such a pleasure to meet with you and work with you. You come across as a truly kind and beautiful soul, I am looking forward to meet you again. All the best and warmest regards,

Tami Machnai, Singer


[spoiler title=”Audience, Fan & Venue/Producer comments:“]

Dearest Melanie and jamie –

 We are at home, drinking in the sunset from our deck — after a lovely earth day in Topanga — and just wanted to express our gratitude for the beautiful celebration of spirit that you guys manifested today -you graced our little canyon (and the earth) with a wonderful gift.

namastay – with much love,                                                                                                                                                                     Scott & Kari= Fans


Hi Jamie,

I would like to thank you, Leo and Nyofu for you performance this past Saturday evening.  Our audience loved you. Everyone wanted to know how they could hear more of your music.  It was a perfect match with our travel author who had “traveled the world”.  You were a delight to work with and I appreciate that you could accommodate the needs of our Jewish Book Festival.  We were delighted with the turnout on a rainy evening with lots of freeways snarls.   The event was a tremendous success.

With sincere appreciation and thanks.

Marilyn Weintraub, Associate Director                                                                                                                                          Jewish Federation of the Greater San Gabriel & Pomona Valleys


Hi, Richard,
I was checking out your YouTube clips on the temple website and my
husband was very impressed with the guy who played doumbek in your
group. Any chance we could get his email? My husband plays mostly
classical percussion as an extra with the LA Phil, but he’s studied
some hand drumming and wondered about taking a lesson from your guy.
Also, I wonder if I could have Leeav’s email as he mentioned keeping
in touch about his Klezmer group.
I really enjoyed the service and I appreciated the warmth of the
congregation very much.
Cantor Richard Schwartz

Temple Beth David


Dear Jamie,

Thank you Dear One. We are happy to assist you when we can because we love you and we love your music. Its that simple. Love superceding gas prices and crazy traffic. You guys were  really sounding tight and the grooves were yummy. The balance was just right. Cristo’s back beats provided a solid funk pulse. He was playing on a vintage snare with old brass lugs, very cool. I get a kick out of looking at his set up. I loved welcoming guests into that sweet musical meditation. You were amazing, multi-tasking w/ tabla and doumbek sitting on your cajon w/ a pillow for support. I learn more and more each time I watch you play, Jamie. In particular, the way I play ka has changed. I love watching you and Cristo communicate with each other, picking up cues from Sukawat. Faster… faster… then STOP! Whew… The bass player was so amazing, very intuitive. The guitar player was  expressive and we had a cool conversation in between sets. The spiritual connection that Sukawhat spoke of was apparent with your group that night. And Ali Khan himself, what can be said? Charisma. Cosmic consciousness singing and dancing before our eyes.

Love ya,

Jenn Valley Drummer and Fan


Yes, it was great seeing you with Yuval Ron. I so enjoy seeing you perform with such great talent and such open hearts. It says a lot about you and yours!

All the best,
Robert Hartman

Drum Student and Fan


March 2, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

The Oshman Family Jewish Community Center presents an annual outdoor eventin Palo Alto, California called To Life! A Jewish Cultural Street Festival™ . TheStefani Valadez Ensemble was invited to perform at last year’s event which took place on Sunday, October 10, 2010. Stefani and her manager, Jamie Papish, were wonderful to work with during the entire process – from negotiating the terms of the contract, to coordinating travel details to the Bay Area, and finally at the festival when they put on a great show for our audience. Therefore, I strongly endorse the application of the Stefani Valadez Ensemble’s application to the Musicans Roster Program so that other organizations can benefit from their artistry and professionalism.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                           Amy K Grossmann Community Events Director (and director of To Life!) Oshman Family JCC


jamie just wanted to say thank you once again, it was a great evening that revitalized and energized spirit and soul. Great stuff. thanks.

Vartan Techarian

Drummer and Fan


Dear Jamie

Great show!!  I wish I could make the LA concert, I will try.  It is a privilege to be part of a concert like this.

Jay Johnson



hey j,

ran into shahla last night and i mentioned how great it was to watch your passion for playing continually raise your performance, broaden your scope and even inspire me to push myself harder.

thanks for being you!


Fan and Musician


Jamie, my dear brother…….

Thanks to you for one of the best evenings I remember for long time, last night…. And the joy of being with you, Yuval, Caroline, and Maya. I am wishing for more of it in the next five hundred years, and looking forward to it…. Please give my love to the rest,……………. and one-by-one.,

Bahram, Fan


Dear Jamie,

Thank you for your beautiful words.  I had not intended for my email to Cari Ann to go to the group…sorry about that. It was so wonderful to have the experience to work with you on the festival.  I have long admired you, and the festival showed me all your other great qualities.  You are an amazingly talented person, and your musicianship blows me away.  I am very fortunate that my children have the chance to study with you – it is a major gift to have you in this loving community, I can’t wait to see what the future brings. It was an honor to have the opportunity to work with artists, like you, who’s work I truly admire. I feel very grateful that I was trusted and included in the experience. This festival showed us how much people want and need more quality music & dance experiences.  You were so right-on in the passionate, collaborative performances and classes you offered up. Brilliant ideas & delivery!!  Yeah Jamie!!


Sue Moore

Co-Producer-Topanga World Music and Dance Festival


Blessings for you!

you are terrific! thank you so much for coming to our house and celebrating with us and blessing us with your drums and wonderful spirit. so much fun was had, so much love shared. it’s such a pleasure to have you and yours in our lives.


cari ann*, Dance Teacher and Documentary Film Composer

ps. thanks for the cd!  i love it….


Good morning Jamie,

It was an eye-opening experience for both my wife, Connie and myself to witness your doumbek performance.  Hope that we can have a chance again in the future to see your live performance. Wishing you another wonderful day today!

Peter Kim


Thank you Jamie!

Sunday was absolutely wonderful!  Thank you! The both of you really left an impression on our audience, I hope to attend one of your full band performances soon (when I don’t have to run around)!  And of course I hope we have the opportunity to work together again!  Please let me know if you have any band recommendations and venue recommendations for that matter, I’m always looking for new places to produce events!

Please stay in touch.

Best wishes.

Alyssa Archambault, Concert Promoter



Greetings!  It was great hearing you play again last night at Marla’s Rhythm’s in Peace event in North Hollywood.  I always enjoy the connection.  The music was as always, fabulous. Well, here’s my contact info.  Please put me on the list for ethnic music events, and groovy happenings. Best of luck to you an all of your musical endeavors my friend.


Jeffrey Harris, Musican and Fan



I feel so grateful to have had the honor to experience such wonderful authentic music of the soul.  Please know that you have my deepest admiration and respect.  David and I had a wonderful time at your Temple Bar event.

Best thoughts always,

Eva, Fan


Wow you played with all three bands… you were awesome.
I emailed Stefani how super she was and thanking her for a terrific evening she put together.
Gayle, Fan



your drumming carried the evening! absolutely divine.

Janaki, Fan


I just want to thank you and Jamie again for Friday night. You were just a pleasure to work with in our preparation, and both of you were a delight on the night of. I so appreciate how much preparation you did as well, and I’m sorry for the page number, cd confusions.
Thank you for “going with” the snags (and my apologies for those) — the new music stands, my unclear introduction to the amidah, whatever sound system issues were happening. Clearly people forgave the little tech difficulties, and LOVED you and your music and your manner and intros, etc. — me too. And I’ve heard wonderful comments ever since from so many people (at all 5 other BCC events I attended during the weekend!!).
I do hope you’ll join us again — often, even, if we can work that out. For me – even despite the newness of working together — I was also able to have Shabbat — what a delight for me.
We keep your son in our prayers, and look forward to seeing/hearing you and Jamie again.
Rabbi Lisa Edwards
Beth Chayim Chadashim


Hi Jamie,

Likewise, I’m sure!  Thank you sooo much for your time and talents for the holiday program.  You were wonderful and it was so great to have an excuse to hang out.  Let’s do it again soon, I mean just the hanging out part!  Hope all’s well with you and Melanie.  We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous ’08.

Love and hugs,

Lisa, Ric & Andre

Lisa Richardson, Exec Director CTMS

California Traditional Music Society


Last night’s concert was beautiful and inspired and we were exalted by the intimacy
of the music and the venue.
Thank you and your fellow musicians for your passion and your artistry.
Wonderful to see Melanie as well. We love you both.
Orly and Robert, Fans


Hi Jamie,

when did you play with Stephanie Valadez? Hija Mia is such a beautiful and sensuous song.The music you play transports me back to my childhood, really brings back so many images of summers spent in the Middle East searching for rock and roll amidst the exotic and mystical sounds that surrounded me. The singular western ( ROCK)  station was broadcast on a ship in the demilitarized zone of the mediterranean sea, and I lived for that. Decades later I realize how the music of the middle and far east which I so took for granted , is such an organic part of my personal history. i had such an immediate affinity for Yuval Ron and what he was doing, and I’d see you and just think you were one of my countrymen. Life is so funny that way. Which brings me back to Stephanie Valadez. My grandmother spoke Ladino. Her family was sephardic and somehow came out of Spain and I learned to speak spanish as a result of that early exposure. Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your summer and are looking forward to your trip to Jordan. I can’t tell you how much I would love to go to the festivel in Fez next year. You seemed a bit despondent the last time we spoke, but you really are living such an interesting life. I know it may be in     conflict with your analytical mind, but you are manifesting something you are meant to be doing. Maybe I’ll see you in yoga on friday. Thank you for reading this protracted missive. Im really quite a fan .




Dear Jamie ~
I so enjoyed listening and watching you play at the concert in Seattle.  The unexpected treat of meeting you and Elliott and sharing the rest of the evening with you both at the reception and dinner was delightful.
To add to my musical pleasure, I picked up the CD at St. Mark’s gift shop last weekend and have been enjoying it a lot.  Your drumming was impressive as well as all the other rich tapestry of sounds. Glad you are getting to do what makes your heart sing – that is obvious! I hope that I have the pleasure of meeting you again, should you visit Seattle. Enjoy the coming of Spring and your travels/musical journeys.
Warm regards,
Patti Simon



Hello, Jamie.
Rex Benincasa here. We met at the Yuval Ron loft space concert in NYC. That was a pleasure. 
I rarely get the chance to hear other people play. I'm glad Iwent. Are you back in CA? I hope 
you had a good time in our funny little town. As you might have noticed, I found your daf 
playing and your instrument of interest and I would like to try to learn more. Could you recommend 
to me a link or contact number to a quality drum maker or importer? I would like a professional 
grade instrument and I would much rather support the business of people who are personally 
recommended that blindly trying my luck. I hope this note finds you well and doing what you love 
to do. I appreciate your talent and your time.
All the best, Rex


Jamie –

I sat there listening to you last night in amazement. You are such a wonderful musician. You play the drum with such spirit and beauty. Just wanted to tell you that your performance really moved me. I’m so, so glad we exchanged a smile. That meant everything. take care, Arlene fan


[spoiler title=”Feedback from Yuval Ron Ensemble Performances from 2003 – 2014:“]


From the director of the Galiger Performance Arts Center in Ceder Falls:

Last night’s performance was amazing – in my opinion, it was truly one of the top performances in my ten years at GBPAC!  Our attendance was low, which was disappointing, but if we bring them back and do a deeper residency, I think we could knock it out of the park.  I know that our technical crew had a wonderful experience with the group as well – they looked and sounded beautiful in our hall.

Have a great weekend! Molly

From one of the audience members:

I went to your performance in cedar falls, Iowa tonight and I just wantto say how much I LOVED it. My fiance is from Saudi Arabia and I am absolutely in love with the middle eastern culture, so much so that my college degree is focused around it. I am a global.studies major focusing on the middle east/Africa with themes in peace conflict human rights and international communication. My dream is to visitthe middle east one day. Thank you so much for coming. And please come back again.


” It was great to have you in Lincoln. I hope we could you have in Lincoln again for all of the people who missed your program….there were people in the audience crying, this is rare”
– Frida Ebrahim, Afghan Youth program director.

“The artists of Yuval Ron Ensemble are wonderful musicians and wonderful people. I know that my life was touched by you all this week, and I am confident many others in the city feel the same way. I sincerely hope that I have made new friends not only with your group but with others in the community whom I would have never met otherwise, and my life is richer for it.”
– Brian Pfoltner, Musical Director, 1st Presbyterian Church, Lincoln, NE

Absolutely fabulous ministry this morning!”
– Connie Backus-Yoder

“thank you for an amazing concert”
– Cherry Fe

“You did a fine performance in Lincoln last weekend! I was so proud that the Nebraskans “got it.” Of course, that didn’t include the happy, clapping guy and me in the balcony. We already “had it.” I was so happy to find someone else who is in love with old, traditional, Near- and Middle-Eastern music.”
– Chris Hodges

“Amazing concert…. a new and refined holy tapestry, a renewed reality…awesome healing….I could feel the untangling of the tangles through the music. God Bless you and your holy work.”
Rabbi Tmimah Ockovits, Santa Monica, CA

“Yuval Ron Ensemble’s ability to bring together such evocative and eloquent music with an intellectual exploration of the music’s history and development, and a subtle message about cultural fusion and coexistence made the concert—and the entire residency—a truly unique experience, both for me personally and for the many participants who commented on it to me in this spirit.”
Prof. Arieh Saposnik,
Director, Y & S Nazarian Center for Israel Studies, UCLA

” a beautiful concert..the ensemble is fantastic. The performance was very uplifting and healing for me.”
Briseyda Zarate – Artistic Director | BRISEYDA ZARATE FLAMENCO DANCE COMPANY

” a feast for the ear, eye, heart! It was a joy to get to learn , listen and sing with you and your ensemble for the last two weeks and I heard nothing but wonderful praise from our guests.”
Miriam Zacuto – Director of Programming, Center of Israel Studies, UCLA

“a wonderful, uplifting evening of music and spirit.”
Rabbi Jay Shasho Levy – J.D.
Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel ,
Los Angeles, CA

” This concert should have been taped and put on Youtube – this is the best presentation for the State of Israel,
Oded Halevy – Israeli-American citizen, Los Angeles

“The concert at UCLA was FABULOUS!!!!
It was moving to see the varieties of cultures — Arabic, Mizrahi, Yemenite, Israeli, Armenian — joined together in making music. Very powerful statement.”
Rabbi Ed Feinstein, Senior Rabbi, Valley Beth Shalom and
American Jewish University, Los Angeles, CA
“…Such a beautiful concert! ”
Sophie Timpers – Montessori teacher

“….the deepest of the deepest. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS A YUVAL RON CONCERT ….The quality is one in a thousand! NO EXAGGERATION.”
Rabbi David Zaslow, Congregation Havurah Shir Hadash, Ashland, OR

“The Yuval Ron Ensemble’s poetry, melodies, rhythms and movements transcend political, linguistic and religious divisions. Ron is a master storyteller, whose soft-spoken sincerity and insights promote human solidarity, serving as a powerful antidote to our pessimism and cynicism. By the end of the concert, the audience once again believes in the possibilities for peace and friendship among Muslims, Christians and Jews.”
Joel Glick, Oregon Education Association (OEA). Portland, OR

“The Yuval Ron Ensemble seamlessly blends extraordinary musical achievement with vivid storytelling. I was greatly impressed by their ability to capture the musical traditions, the history, and the many cultures of the Middle East within the universal message of peace, while being artistically stimulating and emotionally moving. Their genuine desire to have meaningful interaction with the audience was truly refreshing, whether during the show, afterward, or even over a casual cup of coffee the next day. I know they made a lot of people happy in Eugene.
Milo Francis Petruziello, Presenter, Cultural Forum, University of Oregon in Eugene, OR

“..amazing in every sense of the word. I was moved by the beauty of the music, by the amazing storytelling ability of Yuval Ron, by the talent of all the musicians and how thoughtfully put together the entire evening was.”
Cantor Linda Shiver, Congregation P’nai Or, Portland, OR

“The Portland concert was transcendent. I never tire of the ensemble’s extraordinary music or Yuval’s gentle and surprising storytelling. The latest CD, Seeker of Truth, is also a wonder.”
Deborah Elliot, Marketing Director, Rose Schnitzer, Portland, OR

Thank you for the wonderful concert last night, it was very special. Everyone is still super high, feeling the love and the hope from the evening!”
Susanna Meyer, Energy Village, Eugene, OR

“I wanted to reiterate how deeply touched I was by your presence and that of your ensemble. It was all spellbinding!”
Nick Routledge, Seed Ambassadors, Eugene, OR

“… your music and your stories- so insightful and full of depths. There was a quietness and a contentment and heart in your work….”
Aja Ngo, Portland Traditional Acupuncture, Portland, OR

“…a wonderful evening of learning, music, and culture for our teachers and students.”
Ben Sandler, Education Director, Congregation Beth Israel

“My gratitude is immeasurable. I feel as though I found my family in you, unlike ever before. I came home. Thank you!”
Blue Brook, teacher, Portland, OR

“I was completely transformed by your music. It took me to spiritual places in my soul and our collective Soul that I had not known before I experienced your amazing music.
Thank you and your ensemble members, all brilliant as you are, for a life affirming experience.”

Lori Kizzia, Director of Peace and Justice, All Saints Church, Pasadena, CA

Dear Yuval Ron,
Your gift to all of us last Friday night was one of deep spiritual truth. Truth that the music transcends language, culture, differences, to touch the shared core of the human spirit. I listened to lyrics that I could not understand, but instead felt. This was a miraculous thing: having a warm flood of emotion at lyrics not of my language and music not of my experience. It seems profound to me that this level of human communication and connection surpasses the intellect and ego, it goes to the center, to that which is infinite, perhaps divine, in us all. How wonderful, then, is it that the Yuval Ron Ensemble is able to evoke the human commonality felt through music, that spirit-lifting connection that I felt so strongly as I listened and watched the tender intensity of your concert. Thank you.

A man sitting next to me sang softly with you. At the end, I complimented him on his good singing. He said, “Oh, I hope I did not disturb you; I was ‘someplace’ else!” He seemed entranced by your music. My wife was describing the concert to a friend and she said, “There’s nothing negative; there’s no mention of negative or bad.” My wife and I find the absence of negative in our culture a rare condition. She loved the concert. Again, we thank you for touching our lives with a view of what might be. Hopefully, we will have the chance to attend another Yuval Ron Ensemble concert.

Best regards,
Mel Hamel, Ph.D.

“…incredible, amazing….it was a devine treat…” Martin Issacson, artist, teacher at UCLA and Ventura College

“a mystical and wonderful evening” Daniel Faraldo, actor, writer

“the concert was more than magnificent! This was the best concert I have ever seen, and the huge crowd agreed. It ws like traveling to the Middle east. So invigorating and inspiring. I especially enjoyed the Pakistani harmonium player–he is a fascinating showman.” Judith Fine-Sarchielli, chef, art teacher

“MERCI for a beautiful concert, I loved it, and I loved the whirling dervish. Thank you for a special evening.” Allegra Pesenti, Curator, Hammer Museum

“I thoroughly enjoyed your concert last night and my friend and I listened to the CD this morning. It is beautiful. Some old favorites and some new material. All in all, a rich and wonderful evening.” Marilyn Gttschall, prof. Whittier College
“Thank you for a truly amazing experience last night! everything melting into each other–the words, the music, and the energy of all of those people seemed to dissolve into one. And to hear Najwa’s voice is so resonating that it made my heart almost burst!” Mary Zekaria

“My congratulations for the beautiful and inspiring performance yesterday. I have seen your group at many occasions throughout the past years but each time the emotion is unique. Above all, thank you for your message of love and hope.” Quenda Baaissa

“Thanks for being a spoksperson for the Heart.” Ruth Goodman – movement therapist

“The experience and music was inspiring and transforming, reward enough in itself. Mollie, my wife, says to be sure to tell you that I spent a long time today telling her about the concert. ” Jim Herley, music teacher

“Thank you for doing what you do. About 18 people from Kali Mandir attended your concert last night, and all of us thoroughly enjoyed it. We were especially mesmerized by Derwish Aziz. He exemplifies what a person can accomplish when one practices a lot of sadhana.” Elizabeth Usha Harding, president, Kali Mandir Budhist Temple

“Thank you, Yuval, for your continuing inspiration”. Ruth Sharone, ducumentary film producer, represenetative of the Parlament of World Religions.

“The performance that you and your team delivered the other night in
Fairbanks revived the town after a 100 year of a death.
we want you back in Fairbanks. I will check with Anna and the other
students organizations on the campus and see what can we do”. (Fairbanks audience member)

” I’m certain the word mesmerizing is used constantly to describe your music and performances. The music resonates at a very deep level. We love you guys. Please come back some time.” (Kodiak audience member)

“Everyone I have talked to who had the pleasure of attending the concert or one of your other events have been very complimentary. I will be lobbying the Anchorage Concert Association and any other group who brings up musical groups to bring you and your wonderful associates back to Anchorage. I hope to convince others who enjoyed your programs to start begging for your return also.” (Anchorage audience member)

“What a joy and blessing it was to hear your group perform and to have the opportunity to speak with you!”
(Anchorage audience member)

“Thank you so much for coming to Kodiak, Alaska, We loved you guys, and your gift to a peaceful world.” (Kodiak audience member)

“It was so inspiring to hear your group and have the opportunity to talk with you afterwards.” (Anchorage audience member)

“… the Yuval Ron Ensemble mesmerized a crowd of over 500 people at Benaroya Hall. The Ensemble brought to Seattle the gift of what is possible: friends making music together across boundaries that too often seem impenetrable. Yuval Ron Ensemble Delights with Music, Dance and Hope for Peace”
Susan K. Hogan, Director of Marketing and Communications. School of Theology and Ministry, Seattle University,

“…a fabulous evening last night, had the busiest evening of the year in our cafe, and have been receiving raves from our audience. Most importantly, last night provided a ray of light..”
Elissa Schein, Director of Public Programs, Museum of Jewish Heritage, NYC
” …your concert was music, performance, liturgy, dance, deep spirituality all presented in a holistic way.”
Jack Olive, Ascociate Dean for Ecumenical Relations, School of Theology and Ministry, Seattle University,

Dear Mr. Ron,
I am a student in Simeon Pillich’s ethnomusicology class at Occidental College. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the concert that you and your ensemble gave in Herrick last Saturday. It was truly one of the most inspiring and beautiful concerts we’ve had at this institution. After talking to some of my classmates, it seems that we were all moved by your music and felt it was a unique learning experience. I hope that your ensemble will continue to give concerts at Occidental and allow future students the opportunity to experience your music as well.
Aimee Oyenoki
Occidental College ’07

10/31/2006 Loyola Marymount
I just had the joy of listening to your ensemble on TBI. It was WONDERFUL! for the first time in my life I was able to enjoy and appreciate Arab music. It was always in my background, I lived with it and dismissed it as not mine. Tonight I realized how close to mine it is. Thank you and your ensemble for a wonderful concert!

Saw your concert at Loyola last night, Simply amazing! Thank you for the beautiful music last night! Your playing is exceptional and the group played so well together. Your passion permeates everything – from the music to the storytelling. The music is truly of service and celebrates the mission. Thank you for making my weekend an extraordinary experience. Your concerts helped me stay on my spiritual path for a little longer.

The show was great and worth coming back early from San Diego for. Mazal To on a well put together show that showcases your multi-talented ensemble and also shows unity.

Loved it ! I hadn’t heard the ensemble since the sacred music Festival and it was a real joy.

saw your show at LMU and really enjoyed it!

Hi Yuval,
Ever since I have reached the USA(12th Sep,2005)cirses were crushing me.Starvation smashes me everyday. Uncertainty engulfs me.I almost forgot the boon and beauty of life. The magic of your music, the might of your melody has reminded me the fact breathing is simply thrilling,life is really enticing as long as responds to something luminious. I immeresed myself into your music completely and brushed aside all my crises for the time being. My heartfelt gratitude to you as once again you hve taught me love life.
Best regards,

Truly, the concert, that lovely 2 hours of joyful, spirit-filled
prayer/song and dance between people was the perfect ending to an
incredible experience. You will bless many campuses in the future I am
sure. Please do stay in touch. My best to everyone with your ensemble.
Peace always,
Sharon M.K. Kugler, University Chaplain
Johns Hopkins University

Hello Mr. Ron,
I attended your concert at Cal Tech with my friend ,and have to tell you it moved me as much as the first time I saw the performance of “Yuval Ron Group” in September!
During the intermission, in the hall, I could hear all languages Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Armenian, English…people talking to each other with soft voices and smiles on their faces… The power of your group performance and harmony formed by your music created such a graceful ambiance!
and I am specially grateful for “zaman -el -salaam”! even though heard it before, I couldn’t hold back my tears as soon as you started telling the story of how the music was born…and the voices of your two singer are incredible; singing to each other from two opposite sides in two different language that unites and becomes one…it is just superb!
keep up the great work
and thank you again

Dear All,
Thank you again for a great show on Fri at Caltech. Many great
responses! The director of the Arts program at Cal tech reported that
she got many emails from audiences members today, like she never got
before, commending her for presenting us. Many people wrote to say it
was the most profound experience in there lives!
Caltech people called our agent Rachel Cohen to say that ” WE rocked the
house on Fri. !” The Cal Tech presenter suggested to write a recommendation letter for us
to all other presenters in the US and she would be glad to have us to
use her as a reference for future presenters.
That’s wonderful!
Thank you for your hard work, I really appreciate it….and this is only
the beginning! 🙂

Happy New Year!

The Yuval Ron Ensemble appeared within the World Festival of Sacred Music, taking place throughout Los Angeles right now, and under the auspices of USC’s Spectrum Arts Series and well as the Office of Religious Life. I had not heard the group before and wasn’t sure what to expect–but they were sensational. As I told Mr. Ron after the performance, which got a standing ovation, they present an unusual combination of idealistic aspiration and high level artistic professionalism. Clearly, all the musicians believe in what they are doing–both as music and as the coming together of different modes of understanding. Their commitment is palpable and transporting, even while the music is riveting and uplifting.

Susan Laemmle
Rabbi Susan Laemmle, Ph.D.
Dean of Religious Life
University Religious Center, room 102
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0751

Dear Jamie,
The last two tours to New England/NY and Indianapolis left me so
inspired and so grateful for being with you and the other musicians. In
total we gave 8 concerts and 6 workshops in 8 days (not counting the
travel days). That’s a lot of work!
We did great! In 8 days we reached thousand of people and turned them
into new fans who bought many CD’s for themselves and for their loved

I received many responses from the people who told me that we gave them
HOPE, gave them PRIDE in who they are and their Heritage, taught them
about PASSION, about CONCENTRATION, about DREAMING, about CELEBRATION! Many people said: ” we will never forget your visit.” Many asked and
will work for bringing us back to perform and teach.
I can’t think about more meaningful and rewarding thing to do. We are
so fortunate to be able to give these gifts to the people while
enjoying our expression and our connection to such a high substance as
the sacred and folk music we play.

You were wonderful with your passionate & versatile drumming and behind
the scenes truly being my right hand! ,
Always caring for all, always on top of it and always playing with feel
on stage. These are the times that you are so beautiful!
Thank you for letting it come out, thank you for being such a great
person to travel, celebrate and to be with.
I wish you to be always open, courageous and full of life.

dear bad, bad boy,
good news from our film dept. The cajon that you played is in the
soundtrack, the director loved & Adam del Monte loved it !
so I’ll have some bread for you for that…and…..
I have a middle eastern music soundtrack I’m working on tight now that you’ll play some perc on. It will be fun, some Arabic.
It’s coming up in March, I’ll let you know
Yuval Ron

I am a folk singer/songwriter and I’m deeply interested in what is happening with world music these days. Particularly the way eastern and western styles are blending to make a sound that is new, beautiful and exciting. I am interested in the way music helps to bring different cultures together harmoniously building bridges to other nations and maybe in some small way moving toward world peace through music. This is why I love what you are doing. It gave me a thrill to know that Jewish people and Palestinian people were sharing a stage together last night and some of the music moved me to tears. It was a beautiful concert. Thank you. Liz Foster

Dear Yuval, I want to thank you so much for the gift of your music. I attended your concert at West LA College yesterday and received the most sensual and awe-inspiring experience. Is it possible to purchase a copy of your performance that was videotaped yesterday? The images and sounds have filled me with joy and contemplation. I purchased two cd’s for gifts and one for myself. I also thank you for your message, that world peace would be possible if we could get out of our own arrogance and out of our own way. Thank you is really not enough but it is what I have. Please let me know about the video and your next performance. B’shalom, Judy Shaibi

Some of the comments:
We left Ulrich about 10:30. He was walking slowly towards his room and said he was “still in a trance.”
One man said that if there were more Israelis like Yuval in Israel there was hope for peace in the Middle East.
Another said that the music went up through every chakra of each one in the audience and pleaded with heaven.
One told me that you should travel to every city and small town in America and bring this music, it could change the world. (unfortunately he didn’t offer to sponsor the tour)
Another woman walking through the front door with her arms across her chest was saying to herself, “Armenia, Armenia.” You are touching people’s soul’s here, Yuval!

Dear Yuval & Company
I couldn’
t wait for Monday to thank you. You all must
live very rich lives because you give so much. The
love flowing
through the music was palpable and


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