Los Angeles Percussionist for Hire

As a performing percussionist for hire in Los Angeles since 2000, Jamie has worked in a wide variety of situations and venues  from Concerts, Corporate Drum Circles, Private Parties, School Presentations, Lecture/Demonstrations, Middle Eastern Hafla’s, Kid/Adult Drum Circles, Dance Performances, Dance Classes,  with DJ’s, Religious and Sacred Ceremonies, Film and TV shoots.

He is extremely hard working, reliable, organized, prepared, has great managerial skill, presents himself well, easy going, attentive to the clients needs and does not complain when the conditions of performance are less than ideal.  Jamie has many connections in the Los Angeles World Music scene and is the go to person when a party planner or promoter wants world music for an event. In addition he has a full sound system for smaller events.

Jamie is currently performing with the following groups:

  • The Yuval Ron Ensemble (2001-current) – Traditional Middle Eastern/Armenian/Turkish/Qawalli/Sufi
  • Nashuva Band (2004 – current)– Hebrew Prayers sung over Contemporary/R&B/Afro-Cuban/Spiritual/Eastern European and Middle Eastern melodies
  • The Stefani Valadez Ensemble (2005 – current) – Sephardic/Turkish/Greek/Brazilian/Klezmer/Mexican/Hebrew/Gypsy
  • Heyraneh (2006 – current) – Persian/Spiritual
  • The Ava Nahas Ensemble (2007 – current)  – Original Percussion compositions with Vocals
  • The iSTWest Ensemble (2008 – current) – Traditional and Contemporary Turkish/Flamenco
  • Rimonim Band (2009 – current)-Hebrew Prayers sung over Contemporary/R&B/Afro-Cuban/Spiritual/Eastern European and Middle Eastern melodies
  • Cantor Richard Schwartz (2010 – current) – Hebrew Prayers sung over Contemporary/R&B/Afro-Cuban/Spiritual/Eastern European and Middle Eastern melodies
  • Donna De Lory (2010 – current) Spiritual, R&B, Kirtan, Latin
  • Terra Gold (2010-current) –  Kirtan/Spiritual
  • Mahadev (2011 – current)– Contemporary blend of Indian/Middle Eastern/Balkan/African/Latin/Jazz
  • Elinor Sitrish Band (2013 – current) – R&B, Ballads and Originals
  • Carousel Restaurant Band (2014 – current) – Middle Eastern, Armenian and International Music


This is what Bandleaders have said about Jamie:

Aside from being a trustworthy guy & the most dependable
Musician I’ve yet to meet, Jamie strives at opening to new
rhythms & cultures, pushing himself to a higher level of
Musicianship while serving the greater community. He works hard
and his dedication is unmatched. On top of all that, he is a
pleasure to work with and his grooves move people to joyful

Stefani Valadez, Bandleader of the Stefani Valadez Ensemble http://www.stefanivaladezmusic.com/


Jamie Papish is a pleasure to work with. His commitment, hard work and good heart is in everything that he does on stage and beyond it. His versatility and long list of hand percussion instruments he brings have been one of the important elements of the Yuval Ron Ensemble musical arrangements since 2001. I love his sound on the dumbek and udu and his energetic performances in each of our shows which have presented all over the US and internationally.

Yuval Ron, Bandleader of the Yuval Ron Ensemble www.yuvalronmusic.com


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