Judeo – Hillel Tigay

Written by: Music by Hillel Tigay

Hillel Tigay, who has been the unorthodox (in all senses of the word) musical leader of the progressive L.A. congregation IKAR for seven years, pulls off the near-impossible on Judeo evoking the sound of the ancient Hebrew temple through the filter of contemporary sonics, resulting in what he calls “modern music from the past. ” Judeo merges ancient spiritual texts and musical tropes with the transcendent, communal experience conjured by artists like U2, Peter Gabriel and the most effective exponents of “world music. ” So although the prayers are specific to Judaism, the mesmerizing, soul-deep power of the sound achieves Tigay s goal of “making the listener surrender, like they re riding the current of a river. ”

“The ancients were keenly aware that music had a singular power to bring the presence of God into their midst, ” writes cantor, composer and musician Hillel Tigay in the liner notes for his adventurous album, Judeo. “The music recorded here attempts to offer the listener, whether deeply pious, agnostic, or secular, a tangible sense of something greater than oneself.

The Musicians:

Hillel Tigay Vocals, guitars, bass, lute, oud, cumbus saz, keys

Ross Levinson Vocals, djembe, violin
Jacklyn Beck Vocals

and featuring
Janine Winkler Vocals
Lizzi Heydemann Vocals
Jamie Papish Percussion

and also with
Fritz Lewak Drums
Hamid Saeidi Santur
Norik Manukyan Duduk
Virgine Alumyan Qanun
Okay Cihaner Ney
Magda Fishman Keydar Chatsotsrah
Ellie Choate Harp
Hope Easton Cello
Sean Hecht Cello on Kaddish, Suri Goali Yah
The Eclipse String Trio Strings on Hallelujah
Nan Levinson, Paula Mazur Vocals on Baruch Hamakom
Mila Tigay, Eden Tigay Vocals on Hallelujah and Shema
Kouroush Zolani Santur on Kaddish
Michael Brous, Marcia Brous Shofar
Ikar Choir Vocals on Hallelujah, Pitchu Li, Hineh Mah Tov
Jessica Kate Meyer Vocals on Hineh Mah Tov
Milken Students “Hillel Ensemble” Vocals on Hineh Mah Tov

Herb Alpert Solo trumpet on Hallelujah