Concert Tour To Havana, Cuba Feb 28 – March 6 2017

For those who have wanted to go to Cuba; Musician, Composer, Band Leader, Storyteller and Musical Historian…. Yuval Ron has put together another musical tour around 2 concerts the Yuval Ron Ensemble will perform in Cuba.

I have personally experienced tours he led to Israel, Turkey, India, Spain & Morocco and each of these experiences have been unique and unforgettable. We have been given private concerts and jammed with famous musicians and dancers in their homes, caves and encampments; we have experienced  intimate concerts in the desert by musical families that have played for kings; eaten amazing food; performed for children in their schools; met with artists in their homes; met with spiritual leaders who dedicate their lives to peace between religions and tribes and received many teachings by Yuval Ron and local experts about the musical and cultural  history of the land.

This tour will be equally amazing and not what you would find in any commercial tour. concert-photo-to-cuba

The price is $3996 for double occupancy & $4298 for single occupancy. This includes Medical Insurance which is required as well as the required Governmental Escort for Americans. Please click on the link below and read the details of the tour.I hope you will join us.

Here is the info on the tour, prices, itinerary and all:
Here is the facebook event: